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    Blogging: Our Top 3 Blog Posts of 2017

    blogging for assisted livingBlogging is one of the most effective things you can do in terms of building long term organic growth for your website. It's statistically proven that companies that blog regularly can receive 55% more website visitors and 126% more leads than companies who don't. If traffic and leads aren't a big enough motivator we've included additonal benefits in our post on 10 reasons blogging benefits senior living marketing.  To show you that we practice what we preach we've included a screenshot of our organic traffic chart from 2017 below:


    *Through consistent blogging we've been able to increase organic traffic to the site by 20x since the start of the year. This is not only due to consistent blogging but also have well-optimized blog posts

    While analyzing our posts from this year we thought we'd highlight the top 3 posts that generated the most traffic. Analyzing and repeating what's working is one of the keys to effective content marketing. If you can't measure it you can't improve it (as somebody smart once said) and we take pride in carefully measuring all our efforts. Checkout our top 3 posts below from 2017 and we look forward to giving you more great content about senior living marketing in 2018!


    "Once you write 52 or more blog posts, blog traffic generation increases by up to 77%"



    Our Top 3 Blog Posts (By Traffic) of 2017


    1) 3 Independent Living Marketing Ideas To Implement in 2017

    This post was one we published early in the year. The content was designed to give senior living sales and marketer some food for thought in what ideas they should implement in 2017. These items are still ones should you look into if you haven't already. They'll help you build a solid base to build off of in your digital marketing efforts.

    Read 3 Independent Living Marketing Ideas to Implement in 2017


    assisted living near brookline ma   Google Search-1.png

    *Getting your business listed verfied on Google My Business was one of our top marketing ideas for 2017: a "must do" for any local business who wants to rank in search results


    2) 7 Trends in Senior Living over the Next Decade

    This post was designed to get a conversation going about what's in store for the next 10 years in the senior living industry. After attending multiple conferences this year we were able to talk to alot of people who've been in the industry for a while and gain some insights into what they thought was happening in the industry. While this post doesn't pertain to marketing or sales it is geared towards what our target marketing personas are interested in reading. This clearly worked for this post as it generated our second highest amount of traffic in 2017.

    Read 7 Trends in Senior living over the next Decade


    *The increased demand for employment in the senior living industry is a clear upcoming trend in the industry.


    3) Top 5 Blogs for Senior Living Professionals bloggingforassistedliving.png

    This post was another that did not talk about sales or marketing but served as a resource the target persona that we're looking to attract. It's another testament to show that creating valuable, relevant content to your target audience is more important than the nitty gritty technical content. This post was simple designed as a resource for sales and marketing professionals in the senior living industry: and judging by the traffic it's generated it has been both relevant and valuable to our target audience.

    Read Top 5 Blogs for Senior Living Professionals


    We hope this post has given you some quick insight into some of the topics that have worked for us in generating website visitors. It's always useful to look back on your efforts and analyze what's been paying off and what hasn't. Without measuring your progress however you'll never be able to know. Numbers don't lie, and implementing a marketing automation tool or CRM for assisted living will help you double down on what's working for you. 


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