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    Senior Living Marketing Trends Executives Should Tap Into

    senior living marketing trendsChange has been sweeping across the nation in many ways. The senior living industry has been no exception. It may seem hard to keep up. However, here are a few senior living marketing and sales trends to consider as your assisted living communities set up their campaign strategies for 2017.

    Senior Market Audience & Demand:

    Aging statistics released this past spring reveal an over-65 population poised for phenomenal growth. As of 2014, this age demographic comprised more than 14% of the U.S. population. By the year 2040, they are expected to represent more than 20% of the population. Market audience and demand will both increase correspondingly.




    What Seniors Want:

    Today's seniors desire more independence. With better medical care and greater awareness of healthy living, they are able to remain active longer. The trend is toward assisted living communities that provide more personal service and a variety of amenities

    Seniors Are Informed Consumers: 

    Current seniors are savvy consumers. They are an informed population who intend to stay in control of as much of their life as possible: healthcare, diet, entertainment, hygiene, etc. Some of the most important amenities to feature in campaigns:

    • Access To Innovation: They will expect to have access to the latest technologies related to their personal needs. With the rise of touch screen technology, seniors are enjoying hi-tech experiences more than ever. From staying connected with loved ones to managing critical aspects of healthcare, seniors are trending more and more to an appreciation of modern innovations. Technology centers with modern devices and online connectivity will be just as important to senior living communities as an old fashioned reading room.
    • Dining Options:They desire freedom to prepare their own meals or to have many meal options should they participate in community dining. Whether a community features a cafeteria design or a more luxurious restaurant environment, the most important feature will be to offer plenty of healthy options.
    • Staying Active: Senior health studies indicate that remaining socially active is key to healthy aging. Social activities and opportunities to continue with interests outside their living community will be a priority. Many may still be driving which means communities will need to provide parking areas that are secure and easy to access. For community members who no longer drive, communities will need to offer comfortable, professional chauffeur services.
    • Fitness: Seniors recognize how staying fit improves their quality of life and contributes to their ability to remain independent longer. Fitness centers and instructors offering group and private instruction are a must.


    Tapping Into Leads

    Studies show that seniors use a variety of media: print, television as well as being active online. In fact, they are the fastest growing digital audience for Internet marketers. According to 2015 studies of seniors 70 years or older, who had an income of $50k or higher:

    • Print Media: 74% read printed newspapers.
    • Internet Media: 78% are online with a majority spending more than one hour logged on weekly.
    • Television: With the advent of streaming video, seniors appreciate being able to watch exactly what they want on demand. This age demographic is also enjoying the portable convenience of tablets and smartphones to watch the latest episode of their favorite program.

    Digital marketing is rending as the best options for marketers reaching their audience. Online bookings for senior living communities has risen nearly 15% since 2014.



    inbound lead generation


    Making The Most Of Digital Marketing

    Although leads may be created by generating interest through online searches, senior living marketing campaigns must not stop there. Research indicates that interest results most often in a phone call. The data reveals that seniors still desire the personal touch of having their inquiries met with another human being. Even if a community has a superb website, they must still have someone to answer the phone, respond to questions and schedule a tour. According to industry data more than 60% of tours are the result of call-ins after interest was generated by an Internet search. So make sure to have a solid process for converting phone leads built into your business plan. Another thing to consider when marketing your independent living facility is the quote from a recent Care.com study. 

    "73% of the time it's actual the children of seniors who are conducting research on behalf of their parents." -Care.com

    Marketing to the childen of seniors is crucial to any assisted living marketing program. Although creating marketing material for seniors is important don't ignor the statistics! Make sure to focus the majority of your efforts towards this "children of seniors" digital demographic. 


    The Big Picture

    What marketers can expect is for demand to rise, the market to expand, and the channels for reaching seniors to increasingly be through digital media. However, despite how strongly the Internet and technology factor into a marketing campaign, ultimate success will still hinge on a human connection at the end of the line.  To help you ride the wave of change sweeping across the senior living industry, partner with a marketing agency dedicated to the senior care market and knows exactly what you need to not only generate leads, but capture and nurture them as well. Click the button below to learn how an inbound marketing campaign can easily prove ROI for your long term care facility. Or feel free to contact us or request a customized "goal-oriented" service plan today. 




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