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    Social Media Marketing: Make Your Community Stand Out on Facebook and Instagram


    With over 75% of U.S. adults using social media and over half of them following a brand on Instagram or Facebook, it's important to distinguish your senior living community from your competitors. Both the "aduld children" and many of your actual prospect will be on social media on a daily basis. With all these people it's important to create consistent, relevant content in order to get the maximum engagement from your target audience.  Two of the most popular platforms are Facebook and Instagram. Develop a strategy for your assisted living community by following some of these actionable social media marketing tips:


    *Facebook is the best social media platform to reach an older demographic.


    On Facebook:

    • Publish engaging posts featuring videos, resident photos, or community happenings.
    • Create events for your community and invite you friends and followers.
    • Use the boost function on certain posts to increase visibility and clicks.
    • Alternate your content type by using a variety of videos, links, and images.
    • Share an inside look at your community and the residents behind the brand.
    • Share relevant content, such as senior living news, resident testimonials, and anything your potential residents would find information and useful
    • Promote downloadable content that you've created on your website. (such as ebooks, whitepapers, etc)



    *Chart showing the percentage of the world population that's on Facebook. An astounding 22% of the world is on this social network as of 2017.


    On Instagram:

    • Hashtags are king. You can use up to 30, but around 5-10 is your sweet spot.
    • Share 1-2 posts per day, more if using event images. 
    • Follow other local senior care businesses and local organizations.
    • Engagement is 10x higher on Instagram compared to Facebook. Try to regularly interact through liking, commenting, and responding.
    • Keep it lighthearted by including pictures of residents and community spaces, along with thoughtful quotes and images that represent your brand.


     "59% of Americans with social media accounts think that customer service through social media has made it easier to get questions answered and issues resolved." - Hootsuite


    In conclusion, try to remain active and engaged on social media without being too salesy. Use these mediums to highligh the best parts of your community and highligh happy residents. It's a chance to put your best face forward.  It's also a first line of defense (or offense) for customer service and answering questions from potential residents. Start by using these actionable tips to create an editorial calendar that promotes your community without being too salesy.

    At NextWave we can help you develop a comprehensive marketing strategy, implement these actionable tips, and offer value-added posts to engage potential clients. Contact us today to discuss your marketing goals.

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