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    5 Ways to Market Assisted Living to Adult Children

    marketing assisted living

     While most senior these days make the ultimate decision on where they will go for senior living, the adult children of these seniors are doing the majority of the research. In 2012 Alfa.org stated that 73% of the time the children of prospective residents are involved in the decision process. As the population ages, this number is certain to rise dramatically as adult children become more involved in these decidions. So, while you're marketing your assisted living community you'll want to consider who you're really marketing to: adult children. We've put together 5 quick tips to think of while you market assisted living to adult children.


    1.) Focus digital marketing efforts.

     The shift to digital marketing for assisted living is inevitable. The adult children of prospective tenants find their information online. They review website, online reviews, and prospect other facilities without having to leave their computer.  While brochures and word of mouth referrals are great, you'll want to think of your website as your main marketing weapon. Having a great website, along with fresh and informative content, is what will gain adult children's trust and help enable them to find and choose your facility when looking online.  


    2.) Include pictures and testimonials on your website. 

    marketing assisted living to adult children

    The adult children of prospective residents don't want to waste time visiting a facility if they don't want to. They want to see pictures, testimonials, and video of the facility online before setting up an in-person visit. Having these items on your website is paramount to getting them to the next stage in the sales process. By the time the adult child has called your facility to setup an in-person tour they're already about 80% convinced that your facility could be the right choice for their parents. They'ree already doing their homework online so you need to provide them the reasons to make the call.  



    3.) Host events that appeal to adult child and the resident. 

    Many assisted and independent living communities use events to get people to come to their facility. It's an easy and informal way to get the prospective resident acquainted with your facility without being too sales oriented. Because the adult child will most likely be with your prospective tenant you'll want to host events that can appeal to both parties.  Things like picnics, musical acts, or meeting with currents residents could all be good choices. You'll also want to consider hosting these events either at night or on the weekends, as most adult children will be working full-time.



    4.) Keep a good online reputation.

    Remember that adult children will be constantly comparing your facility to others online before deciding to setup an on-site visit. Devloping and keeping a good reputation online can be a huge turning point in helping them make that decision. Poisitive reviews on Google Plus, Yelp, or other review sites can be the difference between them picking up the phone or not. Ask your best clients if they'd be good enough to leave you a positive review or testimonial online.



    5.) Get testimonials (Both Written & Video) 

    Just like in point 4, online reviews or testimonials can't be undervalued. If you can locate and solicite positive written and/or video reviews from both your tenants AND the children of those tenants that will go a long way. If the adult child of a prospective tenant can see another adult child giving a positive review they'll completely identify with that person and immediately trust your facility more than another facility that doesn't. At the very minimum try to get written reviews on your website so visitors can read through positive resident experiences. 

    Hopefully these quick 5 tips will give you some insight into online marketing senior care facilities to adult children. They will be heavily involved in the decision process and most likely your first line of defense when trying to get new residents. Shifting your focus to the children of prospective tenants will become more and more important in years to come. 
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