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    Marketing Automation: How to Setup Facebook Messenger Auto-Reply



    Using marketing automation tools is critical to operating as efficiently as possible in this day and age. If there's any way to decrease the load on your employees and also provide a better experience for the customer in the process it's always a good thing.

    Facebook messenger has recently made it so you can include auto-responses to people contacting your business via Facebook messenger. If you're like most companies and are not actively monitoring your social media 24/7 this can be an excellent tool to utilize. Even if your message only lets prospects know how to better contact you, or that you'll reply to them soon, it's worth doing. Below are the steps to setup auto-reply on Facebook messenger.


    Step 1) Click into Settings on Your Facebook Page in top right Corner

    marketing automation for senior living









    Step 2) Click into "Messaging" in the Left hand column

    senior living marketing









    Step 3) Turn your Messaging Auto-Response Feature to "On"

    senior living marketing automation


    Step 4) Customize an Automated Message to Prospects



    And it's as simple as that! The're also some ways to add personalized tokens within the automated reply message to include the prospects name, your company's phone number, website URL, etc.  These are all great things to relay to potential prospects automatically. It lets them know you're on top of it and they don't feel like their inquiries are going unheard. To learn more senior living marketing automation tips checkout our other marketing automation blog posts or download an e-book for our resources page.


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