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    Why Outsource Inbound Marketing to a HubSpot Partner Agency

    inbound marketingYou're an expert at what you do. You know the ins and outs of assisted living and know how to care for your clients. However, when it comes to inbound marketing, you may not have the expertise on hand to ensure that you have clients calling you. With so many facets to effectively marketing your website online and driving new leads you need to have somebody in the drivers seat that does this job full-time.

    Inbound Marketing and Why it's so Important

    Inbound marketing is a phrase we use when we talk about marketing that causes potential clients to contact you, rather than sending out letters and doing cold calls, and hoping for the best. Inbound marketing is a several stage approach that leads the customers from great content to offers that they might enjoy, to finally contacting you for your services. Because this marketing is so critical, it's important to outsource your senior living marketing to a HubSpot partner agency such as Next Wave Care.

    Why Outsource as Opposed to Hiring an In-House Marketing Employee?

    If you have a marketing employee already on staff, or are considering hiring a marketing employee, you may be hesitant to outsource your inbound marketing campaigns. The reality is that one person can't bring to the table the expertise or experience that a HubSpot partner agency can. When you outsource your inbound marketing you get the following:

    • Project Manager
    • Marketing Strategist
    • Marketing Technologist
    • Social Media Marketer
    • Content Marketer
    • Graphic Designer
    • Frontend Developer

    Your marketing person may be able to do one or two of those things admirably, but it is impossible for one person to be an expert at them all. What's more, our team not only brings their experience and lessons learned from other projects, but they will do more in less time than one full time employee.

    Hiring Vs In-House


    More Results and Less Hassleinbound marketing agency

    It may seem easier to simply hire someone full-time when marketing your assisted living facility, but the proof is in the results. The purpose of marketing is to gain more clients. Outsourcing your inbound marketing is the equivalent of supercharging your marketing effort. On-site marketers at senior living communities often have their hands full with so many other tasks that an inbound marketing campaign is just not feasible. What's more, you don't have to worry about handling another onsite employee who may or may not generate leads. That cuts down on the hassle of trying to find the right marketing person who will fit in your team. An inbound agency will be able to clearly prove their results by tracking the traffic and leads they produce for your website. You'll be able to clearly see the ROI of their efforts and, unlike hiring somebody to a full-time position, it's much easier to cut ties if things are not working out the way you had planned.


    Creating Processes that Achieve Results

    One of the things we strive for at Next Wave Care is to create processes that spell success for our clients. We develop processes that will create a marketing blueprint, a strategic buyers insight report, a marketing scorecard, and develop processes in response to the scorecard. All these things together achieve results you can see. So, contact us today at Next Wave Care, and see why you should outsource your inbound marketing to us.

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