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    Senior Living Sales: 5 Elements of a Good Follow-up Email


    Following up with a prospect via email is very different than email marketing or cold email blast to prospects. This is an email to a person you've already spoken with or met and the relationship is different. Your senior living sales emails to them from that point on should be treated as such.  Follow up emails should re-establish the previous connection you've made and remind the prospect of how you can help them and their business.

    When an email is generic and impersonal, it tells the potential prospect that you're probably emailing a ton of people. Therefor whatever you're trying to sell isn't personalized to their specific needs.  Even though the follow up email is a personal email, we still recommend using a follow-up email template. Personalized email templates not only save time but also ensure your grammar is perfect, the formatting is clean, and you’re not forgetting anything important. With that in mind, let’s go through these six elements of a what makes a good sales follow-up email:

    1. Enthusiasm

    From the subject line to your sign off at the end of the email, every part of your email should exude good, positive energy. You want to show optimism in the future and excitement from your last conversation - because that's exactly how you want the prospect to feel!  Here’s an example :

    “Hey Sasha, it was a pleasure meeting you on Thursday at the Argentum Senior Living Conference. You’re doing really interesting work in the senior living industry and gave me some great ideas to bring back to my team in Boston. On the flight I was reminded of a similar company we worked with a couple years ago and an implemented an inbound marketing strategy at their community with great success. When I applied this method to you I realized it would increase your sales by roughly twenty to thirty percent based on your current lead generation process. I’d love to talk more and see if this is a real possibility.”

    New Call-to-action

    As you can see, it’s possible to be enthusiastic without gushing and being too far over-the-top. You want to be honest with your prospects, but be positive and optimistic too. Never just tell them what they want to hear, but actually have constructive feedback and ideas that will add real value.


    2. Be the Authority

    It's important to be enthusiastic while maintaining authority about your product and services. Remember, you have a solution to their problem. Sure, it may be your job to learn about their situation and understand their specific circumstance, but it’s also your job to educate and teach them things that they don’t know.

    Don’t make the mistake of becoming a people-pleaser. Saying thank you too often, especially when it’s not deserved, reduces their respect for you. Conduct your tone in emails as if  you're certain of the future realtionship with them and confident in the abilities of your products and services.


    "40% of emails are opened on mobile first – where the average mobile screen can only fit 4-7 words max."

    -Content Monkey

    3. Pick Up Where You Left Off

    Since follow up emails aren’t cold, make sure to include a phrase about the personal connection you made. It reminds them who you are and portrays you as more of a friend than another sales rep. Case studies show that people buy from those they feel they can trust.

    Build trust by mentioning something from your last conversation. Show them that you were listening and you’re there to help them solve a problem. By building this trust, and building your personal relationship with the prospect, you’ll quickly see an uptick in your email response rates.

    Email-Reading-Stats.png*Make sure your emails are optimized for mobile! With this simple fix uou'll be way ahead of the game!


    4. Focus on Value to The Prospect

    Always try to clearly show your prospect how you can make their life better. It's a fact of life that when it comes down to it, people care about themselves and what would make their own lives better. Whether you're helping them hit a goal, helping them save time, or helping to eliminate a fear they may have, make sure you have something of value and convey it clearly in your email. 

    Try to tie in value with something that will speak to their emotions. Making more money or saving an hour every day may not seem emotional, but once you start asking what they would do with that additional money or time, it gets emotional and personal quickly. For example, maybe they would spend more time with their family if they only had a senior living marketing auotmation solution.


    *This email template from Hubspot shows their email sequencing tool: an email tool that allows you to automate a string of emails to prospects over time. By using templates (like the one above) you're able to test results and find out what's working - as they did with the open rate on this email's subject line.


    5. Leave a Clear Call-to-Action

    At some point during your follow up email make it very clear what the next step is.  Do they need to send you more information? Do they have to get their sales director to sign off on something? Your prospect needs to be able to clearly understand the next step in working together in order to move forward.

    If they need to setup a follow up meeting make it easy to schedule by using a meeting link to your schedule. If they need to send you additional info clearly outline exactly what you need in the simplest terms possible. Once you ask for something make a note to yourself in your  sales CRM to reach back out in a couple days in case they forget. Always be looking to reach the next step in the sales process.


    "Emails with a single call-to-action increased clicks 371% and sales 1617%."


    Emails, marketing automation software, and an easy to use CRM make it extremely easy to follow-up with prospective clients. While cold emails may seem interruptive and annoying, follow up emails should always feel warm and friendly. That's because you have something of value that will make the prospects life better! If you don't, then you WOULD be annoying. 

    Having the right elements in your follow-up communications will improve the quantity and quality of your responses from prospects. That means a bigger, more engaged sales pipeline and ultimately more customers. To discuss different senior living marketing automation tools or senior living CRM options that make following up with prospects easier contact us today. We'd be happy to walk you through different options and advise which might work best for your company.

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