A high quality marketing video increases brand recognition, generates leads, and promotes the value of your senior living community in ways a blog post or social media post cannot. Producing a high-quality video requires more than hitting the record button on a smart phone. Below are five tips you can use while creating video for your next assisted living content marketing campaign.

1.) Provide Value with Engaging, Relevant Content

Your video needs to provide value to your target audience. The best videos answer questions your audience is already asking. A YouTube search for "senior living community" brings up over 700,000 videos. So why would someone watch your video? Or, more importantly, why would someone in your target market watch your video?

Plan for your target audience. Determine the main goal of the video. Create a concise, engaging message about your community. If your video solves a problem or answers a specific question about senior living, present the solution in an engaging manner. If your senior living community has a streamlined enrollment process, show the viewer how it's done. When your content is relevant and engaging the viewer you can help them to feel more comfortable trusting their loved one with your senior living community.


52% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI - (Syndacast).


2.) Make Videos the Right Length