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3 Independent Living Digital Marketing Ideas To Implement in 2021


As baby boomers age, more and more families are searching for independent living options for their seniors. And, with the Covid-19 pandemic causing the world to rely on the internet more than...

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Senior Living Marketing: Stages of the Adult Child's Buyer's Journey

The adult children of aging parents play an important role in the search and choice of a fitting senior living community for their loved ones. Statistics show that 73% of adult children were...

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3 Tips For Converting More Phone Leads into On-Site Tours

In today's competitive world of assisted living potential residents have more and more options. Those doing the research (especially on the internet), are usually aware of multiple...

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Senior Living Content Marketing: Aligning to The Buyer's Journey

Every buyer of a product or service has a process that they must go through before deciding on which vendor they want to purchase from. Senior living is no different. In fact, the senior living...

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Top 5 Blogs For Senior Living Professionals

With the growing market for senior living comes a growing amount of available information. It's tough to know where to start. We've been learning a lot about senior living content marketing since...

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5 Steps for Profitable Content Marketing for Senior Living Communities

Today's seniors are becoming increasingly active online. They have social media accounts, they connect through email, and, most importantly, they engage in research before entering into important...

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5 Tips for Using Video in Assisted Living Content Marketing

A high quality marketing video increases brand recognition, generates leads, and promotes the value of your senior living community in ways a blog post or social media post cannot. Producing a...

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Content Marketing For Senior Care: Content Calendars

A senior living community's website remains an underrated way of drawing people to your business. They can generate senior living leads and turn your website into an educational resource for...

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Top 3 Benefits of Content Marketing For Senior Care

With the amount of potential clients available, senior living facilities shouldn't accept high vacancy rates. Using content marketing for senior care as a central strategy, your website can reach...

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Content Marketing For Assisted Living: Optimize Your Blog Posts

If you're already blogging for your senior care facility, chances are you've heard of Search Engine Optimization or SEO. You've probably heard that using SEO in your blog posts is an excellent way...

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