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    Senior Living Sales: 4 Ways To Convert More Residents


    We often hear from clients who have a sufficient amount of website visitors however they don’t actually see tours increase, occupancies rise or wait lists grow. We understand it can be frustrating to see a metric such as website visitors increase, with little to no impact on your community's senior living sales. In order to help you capitalize on the traffic you've built up we’ve put together a few tips to help convert online visitors into leads, and eventually residents.

    Publish Helpful Content

    Helpful, relevant, useful content is at the core of inbound marketing for assisted living and the mindset behind the most successful companies on the web today. Set aside some time for you and your team to go through your website like a new prospect would. Do the text and wording make sense to someone who is not as familiar with the industry? Is the content on your site helpful to somebody looking to learn more about senior living options? Write blog posts and pages on the most common questions that your prospects have. What are the different senior care options. How much do they cost? What ammenities does your community have? Make sure your content is as helpful as possible to a prospect. The VAST majority of a purchase decision is made before a prospect even reaches out to a sales person - so make sure your online content answers their questions and leaves a good impression!



    *The majority of purchase decisions are made without even speaking to a member of your sales staff (i.e. make sure your website acts as a helpful sales agent!) 


    Make it Easy to Book Tours

    Use an online scheduling system like CalendlyHubspot meetings link, or a simple website form to allow website visitors to easily book a tour of your community. The easier you can make it for prospects to book a tour the more tours you'll book: sounds simple but many communities neglect to implement this simple tactic in their assisted living marketing plan. If a prospect feels ready to book a tour why not collect their information and get them in for a visit? The more seamless the process is on your website the higher your conversion rates will be. In addition to forms you can also use "lead flows" to capture visitor information and automate a follow up email to book a tour. In a few clicks, tours can be scheduled without you and your team having to do anything.


    *Meetings links for online scheduling makes it seamless for prospects to book time in your calendar


    Utilize marketing automation Tools

    Wouldn't it be great if your sales staff could follow up with prospects automatically even if they're not in the office that day? With marketing automation tools you can ensure that every lead is followed up with immediately, even if your sales staff is away from their computer. Senior living marketing automation should be a key feature of your sales process. Rather than having your sales staff chase down contact form submissions and inquiries why not let your assisted living CRM do the work for you.  Setup the forms on your site to immediately email a prospect with more information or a call to action to book a tour. You can also automate internal emails to your sales team with information about the prospect that gets automatically included in your CRM. Set up a re-engagement strategy to automatically reach out to leads you haven’t spoken in a couple months. Your follow up campaigns don't have to be complicated; however they need to be automated.



    Have a "Call to Action" or Form on Every Page

    You never know which part of your website will speak directly to your potential resident or their family member.  Make sure each page on your site has a way for website leads to engage with you so when the moment strikes and they want to take the next step, they can do so easily. Also try to make your call to action match the content of the page your prospect is on. For example, on your pricing page you may want to have a call to action that links to an e-book about "The costs of Senior Living." By matching the offer the page you'll have a better chance of converting that visitor into a lead. 


    "Personalized CTAs convert 42% more visitors

    into leads than untargeted CTAs."



    Converting visits into leads is a critical part of any companies online sales process. If you analyze your website and find that you have less than a 5% conversion rate of visits to leads then this could be an area that you'll want to work on. It's not rocket science when it comes to sales: the more visits you get, the more leads, the more lead the more customers wll ultimately convert. Your job as an online marketer is to make it as simple as possible to move prospects through this sales funnel using your website. To conduct an analysis of your website and understand which area of your sales funnel needs the most attention contact one of our senior living marketing specialists today. 


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