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    5 Content Creation Options for Assisted Living Communities


    When it comes to content marketing for senior care or any local small business there's really just four options. We've outline these options for you in an attempt to help you make the best decision as to which is the best for you. The four existing content creation options include:

    • Option #1 In-House - Writing it Yourself
    • Option #2 In-House - Assigning the Work to a Team Member
    • Option #3 Outsourcing to a Freelance Writer
    • Option #4 Outsourcing to a Content Marketing Agency


    Option #1 In House - Writing it Yourself

    This is the most time consuming option and typically the one that most business owners start out with.  Business owners choose this option to save money and because they often believe that nobody else could do it. They believe others don't know enough about their business to write good content. While this is sometimes the case; for the most part this is a falsity. With this option you're involved with the planning, creating, editing, and publishing of the content.


    Option #2 In House - Assigning it to a Team Member

    This option get more popular as your team grows and you want to pass the responsibility to somebody else in your company. They are often a good fit as they know the business well and can use writing to fill in the gaps in the day. Between creating content, SEO, and social media efforts this can often develop into a full time job at some companies called a content manager or content marketer.  With this option you're involved in the planning but leave the writing completely to somebody else.



    Option #3 Outsource to a Freelance Writer:

    A recent study has shown this to be the most popular option for content creation. As a company gets bigger and the business owner no longer has time to write their own content this becomes more common. It's also not as costly as hiring somebody internally. With a little upfront time investment many businesses can find a team of skilled writers that really get to know their business well over time. However between describing the desired content, proofreading, editing, and publishing, it often starts to feel like you're still doing most of the work yourself.


    Option #4 Outsource to a Content Marketing Agency:

    With this option you'll no longer be managing the process of creating the content. This option requires the least time but often the most money as a content marketing agency will manage the entire process of content creation. Many agencies are highly skilled in Search Engine Optimization, design, and video creation. Their expertise can come with large monthly retainers and are not always obtainable for some small to medium sized businesses to afford.


    Option #5: An Inbound Marketing Partner

    With our assisted living marketing agency we wanted to offer the benefits of a content agency at a price that small businesses could afford. Instead of offering infographics, video, or whitepapers we chose to focus solely on blogging and generating quality leads. Why? Because blogging has been proven to be the most effective method of content marketing and inbound leads are the holy grail of internet marketing. By narrowing our focus we're also able to keep our monthly local SEO subscriptions low and affordable. We focus on the optimization of our posts so each post has maximum effect and businesses can easily see that they're getting a return on their investment.  Then, when you're ready to step up into a full inbound marketing gameplan we have the tools and resources to take your business to the next level.

    To schedule a consultation to discuss different content creation options for assisted living communities contact us today. We put together customized content plans tailored to the occupancy goals of senior living communities we work with. 

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