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    3 Senior Living Sales Techniques for Your Community

    senior-living-sales.jpgMarketing an assisted living community is often challenging. You have multiple types of marketing personas you're reaching including the adult children of seniors as well as the seniors themselves. Getting a qualified sales lead is hard enough, however some communities completely drop the ball when it comes to actually getting a prospect on the phone. By utilizing these senior living sales techniques for your assisted living facility, however, you'll discover that you can more effectively talk with your target audience and convert more prospects into coming in for personal visits of your community.


    1. Watch your language

    No, this isn't just about making sure that you're polite. Instead, remember who you're marketing to and speak to them accordingly. For example, you will want to:

    • Avoid jargon wherever possible. Many people outside of the industry quickly become confused by the technical terms involved in choosing an assisted living facility. Instead, use clear English that it will be easy for your target audience to understand. 
    • Minimize your message so that you aren't going on excessively or dumping a list of the features of your facility on them. Start with gathering information about them and their interests. Interested customers will ask questions when they want more information-or disengage from the call or presentation if they decide that they aren't interested.
    • Remain polite and have answers ready. Remember when you're speaking to an older generation that you need to be patient when on the phone. Also, make sure that you have the answers to any possible questions that they may have. It's a good idea to keep a list of common questions and answers at your desk so you're ready for anything they might ask. If you don't know something admit it, then let them know you'll be following up the same day with an answer.




    2. Connect and Sell Through Stories

    People quickly become deeply invested in stories. When you're marketing your assisted living facility, you don't need to tell long, wandering stories including all the reasons Marge chose to put off a move to an assisted living facility after her husband's death or all the problems she had as a result of that decision. Instead, tell a short story about how your community has aided some of its residents at a sensitive time in their lives. Talk about a recent outing taken by several of your residents that they enjoyed, or choose another story that will have meaning to a potential client. Selling and connecting through stories is an effective and memorable way of conveying your point without being too salesy.





    3. Assume You Only Get One Chance

    You may never interact with a specific customer again. Not only that, the first impression they get of your assisted living facility will likely stay with them even if there are future interactions. Make that first impression a great one by providing them with all of the relevant information, hooking them with stories, and maintaining a great atmosphere throughout your discussion. Also make sure you get back to a lead as soon as possible. Each minute that goes by after a propect has contacted you decreases the chances of them converting into a sales opportunity. Keeping track of sales leads through a senior living sales CRM is an excellent way to make sure you stay on top of leads and follow up. 

    The more prepared your salespeople are, the better they will be able to react to any issues that come up during their conversations with potential clients--and the more likely they will be to keep their composure and hook interested parties, rather than losing a potential sale.


    "Lead conversions are 391% higher if you call within a minute of an internet inquiry. Waiting an additional minute drops that to 120%, and if you wait an hour, it drops to a low 36%."

    - Veolicfy


    Simply selling your assisted living facility and its features to clients is tough. According to CEB "57% of the purchase decision is complete before a customer even calls a supplier"  into today's digital world. Informing potential residents through online content creation and inbound marketing tactics will ensure that when a prospect does finally call your community is already in a great position in the mind of the customer.  By having informative content on your website and a well executed inbound marketing plan you'll make the job of your sales staff infinitiely easier.  To learn more about creating a customized inbound marketing program contact us to schedule a free consultation

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