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    Top 5 Blogs For Senior Living Professionals

    Blogs For Senior LivingWith the growing market for senior living housing comes a growing amount of available information that senior living companies can use to keep an eye on the current tendencies and have a better understanding of the market changes. As we've been learning a lot about senior living content marketing since the beginning of NextWave, we decided to put together a short list of our favorite blogs for senior living professionals. It's no wonder these companies have put in the time to publish valuable content on their websites from which we can benefit. 


    If you're short on time and want to learn to generate more senior living leads, click here to download our free guide to senior living lead generation.


    Top 5 Senior Living Blogs

    National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care (NIC) 

    Click HERE for the Blog 

    This is an excellent site for high-level industry data and statistics. They have relevant articles on industry topics such as Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), the senior housing labor market, and changes in insurance coverage. Also, they have useful downloadable resources that can be used by the senior living executives to learn more about the challenges in the industry and how to find a way to get through them. 

    Blogs For Senior Living Professionals


    NextWave Care - Senior Living Marketing & Sales Content

    Click HERE for the Blog 

    We are continuously posting a variety of blog content for the senior living industry. In addition to discussing topics around inbound marketing for senior living communities, we also post useful content on how to qualify living leads, how to follow up with them, and other subjects. In addition to our current downloadable content on digital marketing, we'll be producing more in-depth whitepapers on the industry and how to effectively leverage your website to increase your occupancy rates. 


    blogs for senior living


    Enquire Solutions - Critical Software Solutions 

    Click HERE for the Blog 

    Enquire solution has excellent resources and data they've gathered from the senior living industry on topics such as new technology for seniors, improving the senior living sales cycle, and others. Their benchmark industry reports are extremely well done and contain some great information on senior living marketing and sales data. Definitely check out their blog content and benchmark reports for some insightful industry data. 



    Blogs For Senior Living Professionals

    Click HERE for the Blog 

    The Senior advisor website has a high-quality section of pertinent information for senior living business owners, which it is also helpful for those professionals who operate different types of senior living communities. Through their posts, you can brainstorm some different ideas for events and senior living marketing tactics for your communities. 


    Sunrise Senior Living 

    Click HERE for the Blog 

    This is a clear example of an actual senior living company doing a great job with its blog content. They have extensive blog content and have clearly bought into the need for an inbound marketing program. Their senior living blog content must produce huge amounts of traffic volume to their website. Obviously Sunrise is a huge company, but that doesn't mean that you can't start implementing the same strategy on your site. 


    Get a Senior Living Content Marketing Plan

    There's so much great content out there currently and I'm sure it's only going to increase as the industry grows. Those communities that don't currently have a content marketing game plan in place will have a tough time competing with other local communities that do in this changing business landscape. Click here to schedule a free consultation to discuss getting a senior living content marketing proposal today.



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