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6 Benefits of Using a Cloud-based Phone System in Senior Living

The evolution of technology has not only represented a great advance in the services a senior living community can provide to their residents but also how fast and effective communication can be...
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Senior Living SEO: Changing Search Terms in the Senior Living Industry

With each generation comes new SEO keywords and search terms. It's no different for the aging generations. Between the millennials and the baby boomers, new trends and catchphrases searched on...
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How to Choose a CRM for a Senior Living Contact Center

A senior living contact center is a group of senior living professionals tasked with following up on inbound leads via the web and phone. In other industries, this division of labor in sales and...

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How to use Senior Living Task Automation to Respond to Leads Faster

Senior living sales leadership has noticed a problem lately. Their sales teams are having a tough time working 100% of their leads or only attempting to make contact with those leads once or twice....

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One Simple Trick to Increase Senior Living NOI (Net Operating Income)

Net operating income is one of the most important metrics for a real estate-driven business. And senior housing is no different. Whether you're the operator or in the investment group you're going to...

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How to Respond FIRST to A Place for Mom leads

Whether you like them or not A Place for Mom and other senior living referral partners are an excellent source of leads for your senior living community. The problem comes when that same lead gets...

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Stages of the Senior Living Buyer's Journey

Adult children of aging parents play an important role in the search and choice of a fitting senior living community for their loved ones. Statistics show that 73% of adult children were involved in...

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The Benefits Of Outsourcing Senior Living Appointment Setting

A salesperson's job is not easy no matter what industry you are in. There are many different components to the job, and each needs to be executed almost perfectly for a sale to occur. In senior...

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Top 3 Local SEO Strategies for Senior Living Communities

Have you ever wondered why some companies come up when you search for "pizza near me" and others don't? It's because they've spent some time and effort optimizing their online presence for local...

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3 Tips for Using CTA's For Assisted Living Lead Generation

An often overlooked but critical component of inbound marketing is a compelling call to action or "CTA" for capturing qualified leads. Inbound leads provide a pipeline for your sales force and can...

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