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How to Get 5-Star Google Reviews: A Step-By-Step Guide

If you want to promote confidence and trust in your senior living community Google reviews are one of today’s most influential options.  Marketing is changing and those who experience your brand...

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3 Benefits of Backlinks for Search Engine Optimization

Senior living marketing managers know that having a well designed company website with proper SEO is essential in today's online world.  Google loves sites that provide a good user experience...

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3 Essential Senior Living Software Tools For Your Community

Technology is here to stay. Fortunately, technology affords the average senior care community a wealth of opportunities to manage time, increase occupancy rates and boost overall efficiency while...

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3 Benefits of Virtual Tours for Marketing Assisted Living

With the internet changing the way that way that we search and find information more and more people start their purchasing process online.  While businesses such as real estate agents have...

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3 Senior Living Sales Techniques for Your Community

Marketing an assisted living community is often challenging. You have multiple types of marketing personas you're reaching including the adult children of seniors as well as the seniors...

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3 Local SEO Tactics for Assisted Living Communities

Local SEO is not a mythological technique boasted from companies who succeed, nor is it only implemented by companies who specialize in SEO. Local SEO is an effective strategy that offers...

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10 Reasons Why Blogging Benefits Senior Living Marketing

Blogging for your senior living marketing campaigns is vital to building a strong and authoritative brand online. In 2017, no company should be without an active blogging campaign that produces...

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5 Steps for Profitable Content Marketing for Senior Living Communities

Today's seniors are becoming increasingly active online. They have social media accounts, they connect through email, and, most importantly, they engage in research before entering into important...

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4 Things Your CEO Should Know About Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a term that has gained a ton of popularity in recent years. Marketing professionals can't deny that it's a much more effective and measurable way of generating new business...

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Get on the Bandwagon: Inbound Marketing for Assisted Living

The chart above represents the search interest in "inbound marketing" from Google trends data over the past 15 years. As you can see it's clearly a rapidly growing area of interest.  With all the...

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