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    4 Things Your CEO Should Know About Inbound Marketing

    Inbound marketing is a term that has gained a ton of popularity in recent years. Marketing professionals can't deny that it's a much more effective and measurable way of generating new business than...

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    Get on the Bandwagon: Inbound Marketing for Assisted Living

    The chart above represents the search interest in "inbound marketing" from Google trends data over the past 15 years. As you can see it's clearly a rapidly growing area of interest. With all the...

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    How to Effectively Use "Personas" in Your Senior Care Marketing

    A senior living community is the home of hundreds of seniors at any given time. Because of its very nature, a retirement community is a very personal place, but it's also a business. In order to...

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    Sales Enablement: Setting up Hubspot's CRM for Assisted Living

     Sales enablement through the use of a CRM or Customer Relationship Management tool is becoming more and more of necessity. Businesses are quickly adopting thie technology as a neccessary component...

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    4 Reasons to Integrate Marketing Automation and Your CRM

    If your marketing efforts aren't leading to sales, then something in your process needs work. To be successful, marketing must generate sales-qualified leads so your sales team has a better chance...

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    Top 5 Books for Senior Care Professionals

    With so many blog posts, e-books, and information out there in the digital world people often overlook the power of actual books. Whether you're a senior care CEO, Executive Director, Skilled Nurse,...

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    5 Tips for Using Video in Assisted Living Content Marketing

    A high quality marketing video increases brand recognition, generates leads, and promotes the value of your senior living community in ways a blog post or social media post cannot. Producing a...

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    3 Problems with Traditional Marketing for Assisted Living Communities

    When it comes to the traditional form of marketing for assisted living communities we've identified 3 major problems that we'll discuss in this post. Traditional marketing techniques includes things...

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    Benefits of Using a CRM for Senior Living Lead Generation

    Are you still using a basic Excel spreadsheet to manage your CRM (Customer Relationship Management)? It's time to graduate to a CRM that's developed solely to help businesses manage their customers...

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    PEAK17: Senior Living Marketing Ideas for a Growing Industry

    This past month we had the honor of getting to speak at the Leadingage #PEAK17 Conference in Washington, D.C. We decided to put together a presentation about the competitive landscape of the assisted...

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